All Meals are Husky and all
dinners come with 2 sides:

*All seafood is fresh*

Salmon Dinner $18
Red Snapper (Whole Fish) Dinner
$19 and Up
Whiting Dinner $16
Tilapia Dinner $17
Escovitch Dinner $23
Jumbo Shrimp Dinner $16
Whiting and Shrimp Combo $20
Whiting Sandwich $5
3 Crab Cakes Only $18
Crab Cake Dinner $23
Salmon Cakes Only $14
Salmon Cake Dinner $20
Catfish Dinner $18
4 pcs. Whiting with Home Made
French Fries $12
Szechwan Shrimp $18
Coonut Curry Crab Legs and
Shrimp $38
Jerk Salmon Dinner $17
Salmon with Shrimp Dinner $25
2 Pan Seared Tuna Steak Dinner
3 Pan Seared (Filet) Red
Snapper Dinner $18
3 Escovitch Lobster Tail Dinner
Cajun Pasta wIth Shrimp and
Lobster $28
Curry Shrimp with potatoes, snow
peas and ginger white rice $18

All Meals are Husky:

Chuck Steak Dinner $20
Rib Eye Dinner $30
Brisket Dinner $20
Beef Rib Dinner $17
Oxtail Dinner $15
Salisbury Steak w/ White Rice $15
Pepper Steak w/ White Rice
Tilapia Omlette w/ HomeFries $15
Seafood and Grits $22
Salmon and Eggs $15
Chicken and Red Velvet Waffles or
Chocolate Chip $15
Shrimp and Loaded Grits $15
Curry Shrimp and Grits $16

All Meals are Husky and come with
2 sides except Sandwiches:

Wingettes Dinner $17
Jerk Chicken
(Dark Meat) Dinner $14
Jerk Chicken
(White Meat) Dinner $18
Fried Chicken Sandwich
(Dark Meat) $7
Fried Chicken Sandwich
(White Meat) $10
Fried, BBQ or Smothered Chicken
(Dark Meat) $13 and Up
Fried, BBQ or Smothered Chicken
(White Meat) $16 and Up
2 Boneless Citrus Chicken Dinner $17
(2) Stuffed Boneless Chicken Breast
Dinner $19
Rasta Pasta with Chicken $17

All Meals are Husky and all
dinners come with 2 sides:

Fried Pork Chop Dinner $13
Boneless Smothered Pork Chop
Dinner $16
Roast Pork Dinner
Rib Dinner $18
Pork Chop Sandwich $7

All sides are $3.25

Potato Salad
Yellow Rice Price
Mashed Potatoes
Collard Greens
Green Beans
Macaroni and Cheese
Candied Yams
Cabbage Price
Peas and Rice
Roasted Potatoes
Veggie Medley
Specialty Dishes:

All Meals are Husky

Broiled Blue Fish topped with a
Dijon Mustard Aioli w/ summer
vegetables and side salad $19
3 Crispy Boneless Chicken Breast
w/ summer vegetables and side
salad $17
Pineapple Bowl $20 and Up
3 Pan Seared Red Snapper
Fillets w/ watercress, sun dried
tomato, capers, cannellini beans
and lemon zest $20
2 Broiled Stuffed Lobster Tails
w/ crab meat and topped with
pepper jack cheese served with zesty
yellow rice and asparagus. $28
1 Roasted Chicken Leg Quarter
topped with portobello mushrooms,
draped with white wine, fingerling
potatoes and roasted brussel
sprouts $17
Pan Seared Hoisin Salmon w/ a
bok choy veggie medley $20
Bourbon Chicken w/ white rice,  
garlic roasted potatoes and steamed
broccoli $17
Mint Roasted Lamb Chops with a
spring risotto and roasted string
beans with grape tomatoes
comes with a cranberry puree $25
All Salads are Husky

Strawberry Salad $8
Boneless Chicken Salad $15
Pan Seared Salmon Price $18
Jerk Chicken and Jerked Shrimp
Apple Salad $25
Shrimp,Tomato and Basil Salad
Skirt Steak Salad Price $17
Crab, Corn and Tomato Salad $18
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